To pain

November 23, 2011
Oh Pain, how thy fierce sword,
As Cupid’s arrows to the heart, slashes;
By all means destroying mine hopes
Further burning hearts to ashes

Ney love neither joy can endure,
As much as Pain, for they will extinguish
No matter how they are much pure
Whilst thee, Pain, seems to not will finish

Curse, cry, and hate; by means all, mine dear friend
Blessed are those who mourn, thy Bible will tell
For humanity is dammed;
To the call of Pain, it must attend

O how sad, O how tragic
To see a man at the tears’ verge,
Nor with the most amazing magic,
Thou will heal his heartbreak

Why doth there exist, then, suffering, a fair question this be
Though the answer musn’t come from me
To smile, endure joy over sorrow, probably you will strive
Yet Pain is the one thing showing how much are you alive.

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