"Let 'Em Fall Where They May"

November 27, 2011
By , Stockton, CA
Let the debris from my riddled body fall where they may
They'll be washed towards the rivers and into the oceans anyway
To anywhere another broken people is slumming it, looking for spare parts
There's no footholds left over here, but it shouldn't scare me from making it my start
Oh guilty conscience, don't take it to heart

I made my broken-down promises on sinking sand
The remnants flowing through the rivers of the lines on the palm of my cracked hands
Strip the rust from my golden heart to the wooden core
Throw it with the debris the early morning tide line reveals from the night before

The only time these eyes will close is for death or rest
I always hate giving you my worst, but I do my best
Oh, I know it hasn't been my year
But by God, it can only get better from here

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