Robin Hood

November 10, 2011
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Lithe and listen Gentlemen,
Who be of freeborn blood
As I tell a forgotten tale
Of the Robber, Robin Hood

The robbers great generosity
Was not from loss or tragedy
Nor pity or misfortune
Or even from love loss

Vengeance is what drove the outlaw
And the merry men
Hate against the treacherous sheriff
And the tainted crown

Robin did not desire power, wealth, or honor
Robin wanted vengeance
And vengeance alone
But would not spill blood in its name

For the bandits swore
Upon their very souls
To never steal from the poor
Or for blood to touch their swords

For what would define them then,
From the thieves in Nottingham castle
They would not be murderous thieves
For Robin would not be one of them

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