My love, the wind

November 21, 2011
By MedusaViolet BRONZE, Lakewood, Ohio
MedusaViolet BRONZE, Lakewood, Ohio
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The in-breath is willed, the out-breath is automatic.

The wind softly whispers sweet love in my hair
As the song of the sea reaches into my ears
Its notes soothe my soul
His breath tickles my nose
And I feel relief as he tells me he cares
Dark clouds start to accumulate in the sky
I shudder and shake
I admit I'm afraid
As the storm rages on
My love raises his arm
He strikes me and I have no choice but to cry
I bend and I break from the force of his rage
I scream at him "Why?" right into his face
He looks at me and says he's about to explain
How the world is a monster gone completely insane
And he holds me close and kisses me pain
As the storm settles down into a gentle rain
I quench my thirst with Gods' tears
I finally see that we all live in fear
This life is a joke
We spit out the dead
But continue to choke
Our own minds we despise
And we embrace all the lies Falling down from the skies
And looking into his eyes
I see all the hurt he's felt all these years
Ignorance is bliss
But also makes truth disappear in the mist
My love, the wind, has saved me from this
And I thank him each day with a soft little kiss.

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