Leading Me on...

November 20, 2011
By kittylin143 SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
kittylin143 SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"Learn like you are going to live forever, live like your going to die tomorrow." -ghandi

I had a chance, and then I blew it.
You led me on and never knew it
And now its time to say goodbye,
I take a breathe, a deep big sigh.
When you start to like her,
my whole world becomes a blur.
Everything you say to me,
will become bad things for her to see.
I can't stand the hurt,
of seeing you two flirt.
And when you're holding her hand,
it is a sight i cannot stand.
I thought I had you all for me,
but now that thought is history.

The author's comments:
personal exprience

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on Nov. 26 2011 at 12:43 pm
ebj.2014 PLATINUM, St. John, Washington
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Totally know how you feel! Just some tips....you might want to separate them into stanzas so we, as readers, can pause and really feel the rhyme. Also, maybe read lines 2 at a time again and see if you can make them flow a little more. The last two lines went perfectly together--good writing and great ending! Would you mind checking some of my work out? :) Thanks!

on Nov. 26 2011 at 12:54 am
RaveFire PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes You Have To Give Up Your Life To Save It." ~some book that i don't remember the name of

"Live Life Like There's No Yesterday" ~ random billboard

"If No One Can Hurt You, Then Nobody Loves You" ` ~ Kerli?

i almost feel bad liking this poem because it is so sad



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