A world without you

November 8, 2011
By Adelle SILVER, Oakland, Oregon
Adelle SILVER, Oakland, Oregon
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When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, throw life a thousand reasons to smile- life is too presious for unhappines.

Being in a world, without you, is like tring to hold my breath forever-hopless.
Knowing a possible truth, stabs a hole in my heart, bleeding me out in tears, all the pain you've caused, and all the happiness you've granted me.

Not seeing you.
Your bright blue eyes or that swag in your walk. Hearing the rythmic tune in the way you talk.
Feeling your hand hold mine...but only once was that thought.
But it was the way it felt that made my heart jump.

I wished you'd hold me in your arms, like you did that summer night--but five years from now,
Will it be like I had died?
Like I never existed,
Fading from your mind?

Maybe I'll be in another state,
Maybe you'll wonder where I am,
And if you should have taken that Leap.

But thinking about me, not haveing you,
Makes me bleed;
The memories that flood my mind,
Will they wash away with you?

I pray you stay...

The author's comments:
I have had a crush on a guy for years now. I've never stopped liking him, even when i try not to..then one day i realized the pain of never seeing him again...that was my inspiration in this peice.

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