November 13, 2011
By Chris2A GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
Chris2A GOLD, Franklin, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
I am STRONG because I am weak...
I am kind because I am mean...
I am a lover because I'm a fighter...
I am fearless because I've been afraid...
I am WISE because I have been foolish...
...I live because I've died...
...And LAUGH because I've cried...

You're more beautiful than the moon or the stars,
I miss you with every beat of my heart,
I need you more than the sun or the air,
I'll love you forever, baby this I swear.

You got a smile that could light up this ol' town,
You got eyes that are pure and clear as sound,
You got a heart so full of joy that the Heaven's themselves would cry,
And for your love, baby I would die.

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