My Neighbor's Cleaver

November 3, 2011
By Yushio BRONZE, Inwood, West Virginia
Yushio BRONZE, Inwood, West Virginia
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My neighbor said,"anyone that trespasses on my land will be killed by my cleaver."

But everyone scoffed, and dared not believe her

though a new salesman, new to our town

Who went by the name of Isaac Martin Brown

Was said to have gone to her house to sell some new bread

And was never seen again, but in ghost form with a cleaver in his head

Still folks around town joked, but it wasn't a fable

Caught on her property you'd be dead as my cousin Maybel

Some believed she slept with her cleaver on her nightstand

That way if anyone came, she would have it at hand

How she lived and what she did was a mystery

For all were afraid that if they entered they'd be history

Well it all ended one night with a scare

A poor schoolboy went there on a dare

After a month of not being found

A search party found them BOTH on the ground

The friends who dared, asked,"why did he die"

The detective said,"to die of a heart attack he must have been one scared little guy"

Whether the cleaver was used as a weapon or not

was proven by Mr. Don Pott

Who said,"the woman died of old age no doubt

Now go away, we must get these dead bodies out!"

That is the story of my neighbor, now deceased

All I hope now is that she and him both rest in peace

Think it is dumb to die just from seeing a rotting corpse?

Trust me, if you saw my neighbor there you'd' drop dead too, of course!

As for the cleaver, who knows?

And every day the mystery grows

The author's comments:
This poem is far from what I normally write, but it was fun anyway. ANd no I DON'T HAve A COUSIN NAMED MAYBEL.

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