Tearing Through

October 31, 2011
She’s tearing through me,

not caring what she’s doing,

I don’t know why she’s not caring,

all I know is that she’s tearing.

She pulled me up out of the slums,

and now she’s tearing my world down on me.

I’m gone like an animal to the slaughter,

as the axe descends I’m crying louder.

I tell myself she loves me,

but my other side can see the lie I hold within me.

She’s tearing my inside,

the axe is tearing my out.

Pain on both sides and they’re chasing me down.

As I run and cry they draw closer to me.

Always closer, never farther.

The axe slips and falls,

I jump, I run, I scream, I cry, I slip, I fall, I wait… I die.

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Sparkora said...
Dec. 8, 2011 at 8:47 pm
Unlike so many other poems, this was real. Thanks for just being yourself and not someone else. This is reality and let's people know that life isn't always a picnic.
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