Johnny G

November 10, 2011
By hoang le BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
hoang le BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Forever that boy stands by the window
Staring as forever lost in limbo
No one knows what he knows
While his mind wanders and rapidly grows
Hate or love no emotion shows
Stay calmly still to watch his vapid will flow
To fill even where the winds won't blow
It goes to show this is not the home that he knows.

That speckled luster of his twisted brown eyes
Openly waives to demanding grey skies
Release of breath sinking like a sigh on his desk
Unafraid of death, in appearance is such a tidied mess
Won’t rest easy till the comet amongst the stars is showing
Because Knowing is believing, but has no one to believe in
This is not his home, it's time to be leaving

He slowly speaks, “I fret not of what you bid,
The beats that hasten are for what you hid.”
Regretting everything that they did
Opening his lid, tossed in evil thoughts
Caught himself wishing death with the ones he fought
Beat me to hell even the devil won't have this soul bought

Johnny G and his pumped up sneaks
Peak his pocket,
Freak he's cocked it
Turn the clock
Watch it stop
Johnny G is on his rooftop

Stars amazing
Stars he's gazing
Visions blazing
Wishes soon to cave in
His blacklist almost saved him

Backpack is whack
But he backpacked his gat
Johnny G is 20 steps from coming back
Give him 5 minutes to smoke he's into that
Empty Conversations in his Cadillac mirrors
What he was going to do couldn't be any clearer

Whiskey almost empty
Now He's almost Johnny G
You wouldn't want to be
Where Johnny G had dreamed
Smile leaned slightly smirked
"Today has come, this plan has to work!"
As Johnny G screamed

A friend or two
He had no friends he knew
Only a blacklist he had to do
The list was long and it wasn't through
Johnny G didn't care this is Johnny's cue

5 minutes up
Time to destruct
Somebody ran out of luck
Ain't nothing Johnny G was going to fuss
Johnny G was only out on his lust

The double doors kicked open
His shirt soaking in menthol
Mental with the according to plans
This will happen according to hands

Shoved aside by his nurse guide
A dying guy is rushed by
Johnny G crushed by
Doctors and odors of demise
His eyes find the room
This atmosphere fits his gloom

A knock knock knock
Clock ticks as a creek enters the room
An amazing solemn afternoon
Silently a well groomed gentleman waits
Fate is not too kind
At least for those who crossed Johnny G's Mind?

Doctor is duct taped and roped
Stethoscope taped to his ears down to his throat
This is Johnny G's sick joke
His white coat covered in fear
Shots fired is all you can hear
A man in a white coat disappears

Splattered with blood
Covered like mud
Copper taste on his buds
Johnny G has murdered his first dud
Johnny G has finally tasted blood

Cadillac rugs dipped in red
Seats covered in meds
What’s going on in Johnny G’s head?
Take two of these and few more need to be dead

Flying down the highway
Feeling higher than a teen on a Friday
This is his day
Like burger king he’s getting it his way

Right on exit 8
Grim reaper time, let's just call it fate
Stop signs optional, speed limits can wait
On peaceful lane only to create hate
Making his place to park on this street
E-brakes up who's next for Johnny to see

White Caucasian 5 foot 11
On his steps unknowingly ready for heaven
Johnny G on 7,3,1
Bashed in the head unknowingly done
Keys in his hands, Johnny G comes inside
Slits the man’s throat, he feels so alive

The man tossed in the pool
Johnny G needed more tools to use
By the pool he fused nail polish and shock powder
Ice cubes, funnel, Combination fizzles and gets louder
Chloroform drained out, Plan’s coming through in the next hour

Keys out, rushing to this guy’s BMW
Had to ditched the ride so no one knew
Where he follow the gentleman to the liquor store
To get money and plenty more

Parked in the back
Keys used to crack the door open
Hoping no one heard the squeak
Johnny G creeps to the clerk
Rag in hand, time for Chloroform to work

An unconscious Clerk dragged to the back room
Locking the entrance, we're closed for this afternoon
In tune to his lust
Johnny G pops open the drawer and grabs as much
Money his pockets could stuff

Threw the liquor in the trunk
Stunk of Delusion and greed
Freed by liquor and pills
Johnny G finally feels joy
More liquor, more pills much more to enjoy

Get to the security tapes
Erase all surveillance of Johnny G
So no one can tail him and get away Scott free

Going 190 on the freeway
Today’s his greatest day
Goals achieved with no delay
No way of being unhappy with this buzz
This is now Johnny G when that only was

Pills in his pockets
Pop it with every chug of whiskey
“Thank god I got this list with me!”
Johnny screamed joyously

Life's amazing for Johnny G and no one else
If only we felt what Johnny had never felt
To achieve pure happiness with no one's help
To melt away in his volcanic bliss
Who knew a list of what to do?
Could make someone far from blue

But like lots of dreams there comes an end
Where waking up and we pretend
that nothing we saw will ever happen

High in the air and high on his list
Johnny misses his turn
Crashes into a bridge then over the rails
He’s free falling into a dream come true failure
but I’ll tell ya, some dreams you’ll have
While others crash and burn with the list

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