November 2, 2011
By Nissa-Marie BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
Nissa-Marie BRONZE, Kettle Falls, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Life's a race to see who can get to finish line last"
"Enjoy life... No one gets out alive."

She looked out at the silver moon
So high in the sky
Her love would come for her soon
Letting her fly

She finally spotted him
His hair gleaming gold in the moonlight
Next to the tree where their first kiss had been
Where her heart would soon die

When she went to throw herself into his arms
A step back he took
Her heart took alarm
A rustle behind her made her take a look

A woman had just appeared
Fair skin
And dark hair
A beauty she had never been

Then he finally spoke
“This is my betrothed”
Her heart lost all hope
“Why then, did you even bother to walk down this road?

Together we have been
Four long years
Now you make my world dim”
She cried lonely tears

She watched them walk away
Arm in arm
She would never see another day
For she fell for his charm

A hole in her chest he left
Where her heart had once laid
On her door step, Death
She could not hide

Staining her white gown scarlet
She collapsed to the ground
“He left me for a harlot”
But the words would not sound

There she would lie
Motionless, in antagonizing pain
Watching her life pass by her
And it would be there, she would die

The author's comments:
In my Honors Brit Lit class we are doing Medieval folk ballads. Since I am not sad I had a particularly hard time writing this. Any feedback would be much appreciated

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