the shot gun

November 1, 2011
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The moon is the speaker the sun is the speech,
humans aren't just sand and I've never been to a beach.
shot through the skull a bull tightly rams me
they feast of my disappointment as the beast create destruction all
around me
they say I'm shot but i can not wake'
i pray the Lord my soul to take,
but only if i could have one last word
they calmly whisper i am the bird
who told your story and split your word
my faith is trampled like a furious herd.
Angel's fly round in their
dressy gowns
come to my resting
while my mouth is open by the shot gun i begun to drown saliva
fills the ground
now i hear weeping from the people outta town
but there smiling
but the person who mentally shot me is wearing a frown .
who will it shot next
i now have my wings so I'm blessed
I'm in peace over the city
now shot invisibly by the shot gun mentally wounded by the piercing bullet of life .
now married with dust it is the groom and i the soils wife.

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