Her life~

October 25, 2011
By T.ann SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
T.ann SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
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Escaping would have been splendid for her.
In fact, that was her favorite dream to dream,
but she was no coward, so she stayed and lived in the blur.
“Some day,” she thought, “I will get out and it will be my turn to gleam.”

So she did exactly what she said she would do:
she kept a straight face and only pushed on,
She stayed and stayed and kept fighting through.
Finally the day came that she could leave, and by nightfall, she was gone.

She traveled and traveled and traveled some more,
and in every town she went, her name was new.
Not only the country, but herself she wanted to explore.
This was her chance to find out every possible thing that she could do.

She was living her life to the fullest, the fullest it had ever been.
Once she had to stop to recognize an unfamiliar feeling.
It was something she had never felt before, and she just started to grin;
it, she knew was the feeling of happiness, this was the process of healing

She amazed people and people amazed she.
She didn’t realize people could have such wonderful hearts,
unlike her hometown, everyone’s motto wasn’t, “It’s all about me.”
And among these sweet people there was a boy, he understood her troubles, fears, and even the arts.

They had more in common than they could have ever thought,
for he had also ventured from his mawkish town to make something more of his being.
He was all about fulfilling dreams and believed in ideas that could never be bought.
They loved the way they felt together, to them nothing was ever more freeing.

So they saw all that there was to see together;
they made their marks at so many places.
So many people will remember them forever,
for they had the true hearts that shined among all the other faces

They married and had a gorgeous baby girl that made them glow with pride;
hey were artists, but they say she was their most beautiful creation.
And I could never have asked for better people to always be on my side.
I mean, come on, where did you think I got my inspiration?

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