She Walked Away

October 25, 2011
By BreeKlineShwester BRONZE, Renton, Washington
BreeKlineShwester BRONZE, Renton, Washington
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And in that prison cage may be only you, but since shadows lurked its only true to assume, but I may have been the darkness or I could've been the guard, could've been most anything in that dark room. but that fear would drive many insane, so I stay as the shadow, because even as the smoke from a candle twists and turns up and up into a wisp it never leave, only disappears, but as those eyes may not hide, there is something behinds those other eyes, and pain and grief is flooding in once you see secrets within that deep silent glare. but in this time I do see, I and the darkness made flesh, cause if that darkness is over used and over thrown, it needs something else to hide its secrets, to hide its pain, and while it does not help me, I understand what it is to let free, and now I am the darkness I never meant to be in that safe dark cell, was ONLY me

he Walked away.
She walked away from yesterday.
Her Heart was full of sorrow;
For her fate was full of sorrow,
For her fate was to bring tomorrow.
"Tomorrow" she sighed,
and Cried and wished to Die.
For in her fear
She lay on the road:
Counting her Fears and Tremmors.
Waiting for Death's secret hour.
And in that cold hour,
Her heart grew sour;
For death had not called her name.
And her heart grew hard-
Broke into shards:
For the world had mocked and hated her so.

But in their pointin'
She found a hidden mountain,
Where the Stars glittered and glowed.
And in her soul could rest for years to come.
In her searching of the mountain
She found a simple, old Fountain;
Where her body could sail to shore.
But to shore she Go?
In the everflowing Sea of Regret,
Where her body could hope to dissapear yet,
And Eternity flow on forever more.

Body rest in peace,
And soul fly free.
You are no longer bound by your human prison
Called Misury.
No Hurt
Just Quiet.
She couldn't hurt again.
No Knife.
No Pain.
Just knowing she was real once again.

She was fake before.
One little girl in a pretty dress.
No one cared to know her name.
Then one came along,
and built her strong,
Telling her she was worth:
"So much more"
They took away her pain.
Wiped away her tears.
Banished her fears
And held her for forever.
They told her:
"I will never leave you"
She did not believe.

Running for forever toward shore,
They follow the Lonely girl:
Promising her Love and Comfort.
She will keep refusing to believe,
The pain is too much,
SHe sits in the tub,
Wet and Freezing.
Watching as the blood leaves her Wrist.
The pain so well known,
So known-
Burns in her Mind.
Her eyes fogg,
As she prepares to Die:
Have will to Be.
You are Set.
You are Free.
To go on the Path that lay before The.
No Bonds.
No Terror.
No Need.
No FLower.
No Romance.
No Dimond.
No Preacher.
No Shower.

But Someone takes her hand.
And the pain stops.
They promise once more:
"I will never leave you"
Tears ffrom the girl overflows.
As all her Pain bleeds out of her.
"I promise you the World,
for ALL to see my Glory."
The tears come again,
As the lovely girl Cries:
"I am not Worthy."
And closes her eyes;
Waiting for the clutches
Of Cold Death to come.

When she wakes-
A Garden of Green before her.
Her Mountain.
Her Fountain-
Into the Pits of Hell
Where they belong.
"This is your new start.
Your worldly home is thrown Away."
No need for Heartbreak now-
And the Pain left and Walked Away,
Just like she had:
On that Fateful, sorrowful Day

The author's comments:
I Wrote this when I was having a hard time. One of my friends was sick, and i had started this poem before....but when she was sick, I finished it. So I guess this is actually for her. Love you chikita ^_^

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