Man's Best Friend

October 23, 2011
By Lynnsworld BRONZE, Fairmont, Minnesota
Lynnsworld BRONZE, Fairmont, Minnesota
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They say that dog is the man’s best friend
And they’ll be with you till the very end.
They’re here for you at every turn
A treat and a walk is all they yearn.

I crawled around on all four
But my butt got stuck in the doggy door.
She licked my nose that made me giggle
To get on stuck I had to wiggle.

Dogs are fun and dogs are cool
Even the ones that like to drool
One dog weighs sixty and the other four
I really couldn’t ask for more

One is black and one is brown
And as I follow them around.
My knees are hurt and really sore
I really can’t crawl around anymore.

So now I must end this song
Please don’t take this wrong
I know this song is silly and fun
If you don’t have a dog you should go and get one.

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