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A Tribute to John Lennon

A legend in his time,
Still a legend of today.
“Imagine all the people”
In this world, he would pray.

So many melodies composed
So everyone knows,
“All you need is love”
When the head overflows.

“Give Peace a Chance”
Was what he would sing,
With his guitar in hand,
And pain in the string.

Happiness is the key to life,
His mother once told him.
“Let it be” and forgive,
Before you fall off the brim.

“Hey Jude”, take my hand,
When you cross the street.
Never let go,
Listen to the beat.

To him, surrealism was reality.
“We all live in a yellow submarine”
And dragons and myths are real,
Not just on a screen.

He did not believe in death,
But instead, just getting from one car to another.
God is in all of us,
“Hello, Goodbye” my brother.

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”
She still stays there,
He sings “I am the walrus”
To that, I swear.

Now that he has passed,
Let’s all “Come Together”
To never forget,
“Strawberry Fields Forever”

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FallibleAger said...
Nov. 11, 2011 at 12:53 pm
This is awesome! I love Lennon and your poem did him justice. Great job!
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