A Little Imagination

September 26, 2011
By erikojw24 BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
erikojw24 BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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She was just a girl no more than a child
Her imagination was quite wild
She lived in a world where she could pretend
She never would have thought this would come to an end

She left her home so she could escape
She wanted to live in a magical place
She climbed through her window which was agape
As she left a tear fell from her face

She ran until she could run no more
She had now found the magic she was looking for
Mystical creatures surrounded her
She could stay here forever of this she was sure

Until one day an evil man captured the child
He stole her away and threatened her friends
The mystical magical mysterious creatures made a plan that wasn’t too wild
They caught the man in a net on the forest floor and with a swoop that was the end

The girl said, “thank you” as she cried tears of joy
She gifted each of her friends with a brand new toy
She knew now she must return home
So she left the magic land and felt very alone

She told her parents of her long journey
They replied, “You imagination is something quite crazy.”
She told them, “I truly is, but I love you and I’m glad to be back.”
The girl loved her family more than anything and that was a fact

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