Snowflakes On Burnt Skin

September 22, 2011
Moonlit children and carved smiles
Making every step seem worthwhile
Running away with the stars
Dancing in the wind, not so far

Decaying lungs and broken dreams
A bleeding mouth, drowning screams
Black veins and pale skin
Addiction held deep within

Raindrops on lacerated lips
Hidden behind the lunar eclipse
Silver tongue and crippled wings
A spectral thorn and razor blade sings

Toxic showers, it's poison's kiss
Suffocated by fake happiness
Plastic lungs and taped confession
tempted by disguised aggression

Interrupted and separated skies
Peaking through sugar coated lies
Black curtains and paper hearts
Last words spoken before falling apart

Artfully twisting these words into gold
Cries muted, and pain that’s never old
Breaking free from any sin
Lies snowflakes On burnt skin

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