Lost Dream Angel

October 5, 2011
By Anonymous

‘Twas once upon a moonlit night
A princess dreamed a dream
She swore she felt an Angel’s breath
Though him she could not see

She’d searched and searched for Romeo
But no good prince was found
The love that which her heart desired
Must still be lost somehow

And here is where that love began
A dark and mystic dream
In which her Angel visited
And which he’d never leave

But only when that princess dreamed
Could Angel love her so
And when the princess rose come morn
Away her love would go

She traveled in the village light
Until at last she saw
Her perfect Angel was revealed
And out to her he called

But no one else could Angel see
For he was an unknown
Yet this dear princess loved him still
And was no more alone

And so their love grew on and on
But complications rose
The princess was condemned a witch
Then she her future chose

Her Angel only visited
His princess when she dreamed
Though she could see him out in town
Their love would never be

And so, dear ones, our story ends
A dark and cloudy night
This princess and her Angel lost
A war they could not fight

But wait, could something else be said
For our sweet lovers now
Or possibly another way
For them to hold their ground

A poisoned wine, this princess found
And deadly thoughts arose
If she died without a sound
Her life would come to close

Though her Angel could not bear
To see his lover fade
His actions were to simply stare
And watch her drift away

The princess drank with delicate lips
As her life turned frighteningly gray
While it happened, reality lost its grip
Now forever with Angel she stays

The author's comments:
I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, and I am particularly in love with Angel. So when my eighth grade English teacher (Mr. Stovall) told us to write a ballad I got excited. I really wanted to put an interesting spin on Buffy and Angel's relationship, so I tried to put their story into a new perspective.

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