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The Search

September 22, 2011
By WithLove4896 BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
WithLove4896 BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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She sauntered into a smoky shop,
Hoping she would fine the one.
All the other times she went,
She left without any hope.

He was listening to the boom,
Wishing his job would be done.
All of his money had been spent,
But his boss kept on saying “nope.”

She never thought she could make it,
The real world seemed way too hard.
She was working a dead end job,
All she wanted was to find someone worth her time.

He didn’t think he was the right fit.
He wouldn’t ever have a big back yard.
He wished he could find the right one,
But he didn’t have a dime.

They were in the same bar,
Wasting their life away.
When all of a sudden, they saw each other.
It was about as cliché as it could get.

Finding love across a smoky bar,
Not to be the same for another day.
She would finally be a mother,
He would take his kids to a Met’s game.

They found true love right when they gave up.
They had lost hope,
Given up on finding each other.
I guess you could say it was meant to be.

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