The Perks of Growing Up

September 25, 2011
By Kylie-o PLATINUM, Onsted, Michigan
Kylie-o PLATINUM, Onsted, Michigan
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"People haven't always been there for me, but music has." -- Taylor Alison Swift

I wish I could build a time machine
And see my future ahead of me
But why is everything always so hard
and never simply easy?

It's like moving slow motion
And nobody can seem to see
I've been dropped in the ocean
With all my hopes sinking underneath

Like a child who can't decide
From a color in a crayon box
Except I'm choosing bigger things in life
And choosing everything I'm not

Growing up was going to be tough
I've learned a lot through my years
But it's been worse than rough
Getting from there to here

If only I could have been good at tennis,
Or track or something like that
I'd pick somewhere that'd want my talent
But no I want to be a writer instead

Is there a path somewhere,
to guarantee success
or do I make my own
and leave behind all the rest?

Time is passing so fast
like a fuse on a rocket
Keep spinning, don't know where I'm at
Can somebody stop it?

I know what I want
but how do I get from point A to B?
I guess now will have to start
Maybe all I need is me?

But that's too vague
When college is knocking at my door
Too scared to even answer
so they keep coming back for more

It's like completing a puzzle
then finding out you're one piece short
with too many things to juggle
I don't even know what I should be asking for

With the money and the people
With the place and the dreams
Where am I ever satisfied
When I can't have everything I need?

I want to be near the boy I love
I want to come home on holidays
I want to be able to live my dreams
I fear the most of wasting away

Maybe I can't have everything
And that'll be the death of a part of me
But maybe it won't be so bad
as long as I'm doing what I love in a big city

The one thing I know for sure
Is the road map in front of me
It's blank with random road I'll draw unlocking the key
to creating my own happiness
to creating all that I'll need
I bet I'll lose some of the loves I love
To get where I want to be

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