Jedi Croquet

September 28, 2011
By Anonymous

On Tatooine once, long ago this has happened,
Lived a young boy with a passion for flying.
Pod racing he loved, Sebulba beat, did he.
Flying close to the canyon walls, almost dying.

The Force he possessed, not know it did he.
But Obi-Wan sensed it and knew it was true.
He decided to train him, took him with the Queen,
Who pretended to be Padme and was really quite blue.

Misions, many of them, Anakin trained for.
But soon had impregnated Padme.
He envisioned her death and wanted to save her, and that's when he learned about croquet.

Went to, he did, the Galaxy Croquet Match,
where he tapped and rolled balls with his mallet.
One million Republican credits he won,
Then prepared a nice dinner of shallots.

She would be saved, told her he did,
Because money can do anything!
Rich people rock, they wear cashmere socke, and always wear large pinky rings.

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