The Willow

September 23, 2011
By Karis_Marie BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
Karis_Marie BRONZE, Yukon, Oklahoma
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As I lay my head on my pillow
I hear the sound of that weeping willow
Bad things happened at that tree
Souls are trapped there, never to be free
I know this because, the evil ones tell me
I count them, the evil ones, one, two, three
They taunt me and scare me and leave me out to rot
You think it's just a tree, but I think not.

But those evil ones, they deserved what they got
Karma had caught them before they saw it coming
On some nights, when they're lonely, I can hear them humming
They were hung, for the bad things they had done
They had been caught, with no where to run
They're not very good hosts
I guess, I never thought they would be ghosts..

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