My Last Relationship

September 26, 2011

First day of freshman year
I'm feeling excitement mixed with fear
After a few days
The fear begins to fade
But the excitement stays
Everything is so new
And there's so much to do

Brown-eyed boy of sixteen
Instant attraction like a movie scene
Being fourteen and having low self-esteem
I couldn't see how he could ever like me
It obviously wasn't meant to be

Slowly but surely, it happened in time
But the end of September I could call him mine

It was like no other relationship I'd been in
He told me he loved me, and it seemed so genuine
It was so good, I thought it would last forever
I didn't think that forever would mean never

Sure enough, soon he turned
I had a feeling I was going to get burned
I called him out for being distant
Said that his emotions weren't consistent
He called me crazy and said I was wrong
He then continued to string me along

He ended it officially in a few days
Much to my dismay
Breaking up was the only thing to do
He knew it and I knew it too

Then for a while he was all I thought about
I thought of him and cried my eyes out

My eyes have dried
But I still hide
From what I really feel
My love for him is still very real
But I tell myself to forget the past
Because I know we were never meant to last

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