Everything Will Be Alright

August 31, 2011
She sits up at three AM music blaring in her ears,
Knees to her chest trying to hold back the tears,
Rubbing her eyes as her makeup smears.
No matter how loud the music it never blocks out what she hears,
The yelling and screaming of her parents she put up with for years,
Soon it will come to and end but that's exactly what she fears.

This girl here all she can do is cry,
Her hear beats for only one guy,
But he doesn't care he doesn't even wanna try.
She loves him so much but he just wants to say goodbye.
At night all she does is sit up and ask why,
Rocks back and fourth wanting to die

She seems so happy but its all fake,
Cause inside all she does is ache,
she holds it in for every ones sake
But night comes and she starts to shake,
Because of the pain she just cant take,
Sooner or later she's gonna break

This last one goes through so much pain,
With an abusive life she has nothing to gain,
She wants so bad to break free from this chain,
So she can run free through the rain,
Her tears roll down he face and stain,
For her it so hard to keep sane

At times I know its hard to fight,
But you cant give up tonight.
When everything is going wrong it's hard to see the light,
But if you just stop and look you'll see it up so bright,
It will take you like warm arms and hold you tight.
Everything will be alright

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