Save Me

September 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Its one of those days when you just want to get away
Where your happy face your facade
Its failing,its falling away

Today's the day your heart is pining
Soul seems to be dying
You just don't want anyone to see you crying
So there you are lying
Of why your crying
Cause you don't really know just that your soul is dying

Every breath fills your lungs with despair
Because when you woke up every bone hurt beyond all compare
an no matter the how loud the scream like, drowning no one hears they don't they don't even see the bubbles stop.

Its just a day where all the meaning you had melts away
Just as the tears start to poor down the face
The weakness fills in
A crippling pain from maybe the heart maybe the brain you beg for it to just go away
Maybe its just another day .... or maybe this is your everyday ?

That the confident smile is lie
That all you see is self hatred in the mirror from the inside
Ugly eyes dead cold eyes
But maybe ill survive to see the one i love,maybe this though will save me from this day.......
Just maybe i wont fall off the edge
I wont make a cut to the vein an make my pain go away

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