Journey of the mind

August 31, 2011
By Frankbunny SILVER, London, Other
Frankbunny SILVER, London, Other
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Politicians tell lies to cover up the truth. Artists tell lies to reveal the truth.

White epicentre of emotion surrounded by love full of commotion They moved as one but a galaxy apart there love like a bitter art They wrote letters of love the love drunk fools they were he would devote himself in ballads he wrote for her she would do the same but there steed of lust would not tame They longed to hold each other In nirvana mesmerized by one and other The forest of lust were sadness grew he thought she was with another NO! He knew. He grew jealous so he took a journey ever so perilous Over the hills of madness wandering toward the gloomy caves of madness Queer thoughts stuck to his mind that which was not of love but of the murderous kind.

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