Dented Metal Doors

August 22, 2011

You cried, You yelled.
But eventually you fell.

You tried, You dulled.
But eventually you'd melt.

You stayed quiet, You screamed.
You'd drift off and dream.

They couldn't break you but you let them break through.

You let them make you listen to them as they told the truth.

But you wouldn't believe them because to you, reality was new.

Now here you sit, in this cold, dark room.
With a metAl door and a small window to let your eyes roam.

You never thought this would be your new home.

Not until you were left alone, by the one you loved the most.
To take away the pain, you let madness become the host.

Here you lay, baning on the floor.
Pounding, leaving dents in the metal door.
Running into walls and crawling on all fours.
Curling up into a ball and remember calling her a "w**re"
You're insane and nothing more.

Days later they found you lying.
Wrists cut, blood gathering in a pool.
They collected you up and called you a fool.

Now are nothing more.
All that's left are the,
Dented Metal Doors.

The author's comments:
This poem is about how love can drive a person to madness.

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