A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

August 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I fell asleep in my mind today
And pretended nothing was wrong
The dream was turning out all right
And I was feeling strong

But something happened towards the end
That I refuse to admit
I feel as though I must defend
This pain that I emit

So you see it might be silly
You might even want to laugh
But before you go and judge me
Here's the story on my behalf:

I cried and cried
All the night long
Waiting for slumber
To sing me her song

And as I drifted into sleep
I prayed and wished you well
But there you were, so very cheap
I see you still rebel

But what you told me in my dream
In which you so rudely invaded
Was no joke, though it might seem
So lost and so degraded

I cried and cried
All the night long
You scooped me up
And sang me our song

I stopped the weeping
And there you were,
So lost and so deplored

And then you stopped
And realized
All that you had restored

So why am I ashamed you ask
There is surely nothing to hide
I finally saw behind your mask
And let it all collide

You were always lying
I saw it right on your soul
And all the time that you were buying
Would most likely be resold.

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