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Insignificant Apology

July 29, 2011
By LiightSleeperr BRONZE, Enid, Oklahoma
LiightSleeperr BRONZE, Enid, Oklahoma
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Sialan an Orang.

Chilly air, Winter's punishment
White snow, as if Heaven sent.
Click Click
Is heard in the silent air
Made by a beautiful black mare.
A creature rode on top.
A creature that someone had to stop.
But no person knows its evil deeds,
And its unsatisfied needs.
The creature, a female
Who has to tell a tale,
Says a quick command
And stops where she planned.
Tying the horse up to a tree,
She looks about to see.
No one seemed to be around,
But she still listened for a sound.
Only the wind sings,
And gives the fallen leaves wings.
The girls walks on forward
The cemetary, she goes toward.
She was here about a year ago.
Sometimes, she misses him so.
He was her secret lover,
And she thought it would last forever.
Until he had an affair
And all hope turned into despair.
The rage comes flooding back.
Pulling on her hood that was black,
She continued to the spot,
Getting closer, her cheeks getting hot.
The memories came fast.
Even the shadows didn't cast
On that cold harsh night.
He didn't even put up a fight.
Three quick stabs and that was it,
But she wasn't going to admit.
Collapsing to her knees.
Sobbing out quiet pleas.
She takes out a knife
The one that took his life.
Sweeping away the dreadful snow
Allowing his name to show.
One swift move with her hand
In the dirt, the knife did land.
She left it there.. Just for him.
When the night started to dim,
She got up to depart
Then felt the death of her heart.
Putting her hood back on her head,
A mumble of apology is said
To the man she had loved.
He now up above..
And she'll go down below,
Where all demons who kill go.

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zone7294 GOLD said...
on Aug. 31 2011 at 9:41 am
zone7294 GOLD, Newport News, Virginia
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If im good for nothing, then your bad for everything

This is the best poem/story I ever read.

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