August 22, 2011
By Andrewsgirl SILVER, Filer, Idaho
Andrewsgirl SILVER, Filer, Idaho
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The best thing about falling in love is when you can't go to sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Now I look once more
Just there beyond the shore
To find what I am seeking
My heart continues weeping

I cry out, over the sea
“He alone holds my heart’s key
But he has now left and gone!”
Silent now, I await the dawn

Brutal flashbacks assault my mind
Searching, searching for what I cannot find
Something is lost in my memories
Something that will bring him back to me

A glimpse! A flash! But to no avail
Consistent now, I continue to fail
My heart cries out. I will not cease.
I cannot, ‘til my heart is at peace

Thoughts of him continue to linger
Meting out blame like an index finger
Each memory – a mental blow
Each thought of him – a worthy foe

Water crashes on the dark, gloomy beach
But I, like my memories, stay just out of reach
Both dance closer – I have what I sought!
At last the battle has now been fought

My love has returned to me
No longer do I search my memories
Although I faltered in my search
No longer on this coast must I perch

The skies clear and the fog rolls back
My memories are clear – no more do I lack
He has returned and I am at peace
I have much to be proud of – for I did not cease

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