I Try

August 19, 2011
By CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
CarlyPierre DIAMOND, Stamford, Connecticut
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"Success is what you make it, Take it how it comes"!

I won’t even lie
At times I get high
Other times I may cry
It’s hard to get by

When you’re living in the slums
Surrounded by immigrants and bums
Everyone around you thinks you’re dumb
Gun shots sound like the beat of a drum

Cops roll through in hot pursuit
Yoke homie up but I’m glad he didn’t shoot
My other homie and I are cut from the same root
He’ll die for the loot so I had to give em the boot

Parents don’t care about what you gotta say
Teachers proclaim you should live another way
Old heads think “Oh he’s just another stray”
No one believes and you wanna make em pay

The world don’t have time
For black cats without a dime
Unless we ball or rhyme
Or else we doing crime

Some think I’m bad luck
I deserve to be locked up
They wouldn’t give a what
If lightning struck my black butt

But it’s still all good
I aint dusted in the hood
Don’t mean I’m in the woods
I’m just doing what I could

So I care less if you hate
My life aint been too great
Why you staring at my plate?
If you already done ate

Trust me fam I aint ate yet
I’m so hungry I’ll even bet
I’ll see profit although I’m no prophet
When I do eat and you’ll be in debt

All I got is a hope and a dream
That involves making a little cream
To have my craft reign supreme
Maybe even make it mainstream

Sometimes I think I’d chase fame at any cost
Cause I work so hard at what I do I’m at exhaust
In those moments I’ll ponder if my values are lost
Then condemn myself like Christ on the cross

Just like how I get down over these chicks
Who always got games and always got tricks
Most of em just want cash, comfort or stick
With those tactics they’ll be lonely come time’s last tick

Hopefully I’ll bag this one shorty
The apple of my eye but don’t notice me
I only known her for a few weeks
But she’s kinda special type unique

If life is this rough, death must be smooth
No worries about making the wrong move
No extrinsic pressure, having to prove
Yourself to society looking to be approved

Every day is a struggle a tussle
Every move is a plan a hustle
Power is the back bone the muscle
I don’t about you but I want power like Russell

So this b****** will stay going hard
But never stop believing in our good lord
Even if he’s beaten and scarred
Until he gets that big backyard

Clap twice if you hear what I’m saying
Clap em again if you need a vacation
Clap once more if I’m conveying
How you feel within this statement

I know I’m not the only one battling myself
Nor am I the only one needing a little help
Although I for one do know I won’t take an L
Because we all know the lord’s presence is felt

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