Papa Bear

August 18, 2011
By SamWaldron-Feinstein BRONZE, Bedford, Massachusetts
SamWaldron-Feinstein BRONZE, Bedford, Massachusetts
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Once upon a time
In a place of no reason or rhyme
A girl lived with no fear
Nor pain
Through sunshine and rain
She never wept a tear

She was given up young
By a parent whose tongue
Gave lashings every day
And fists as well
Made her skin bruise and swell
But then the girl ran away

She met a nice bear in the trees
Who loved to sit in the breeze
I’m Cody he said with a smile
He took her in as a daughter
Because he thought she was hotter
Than the other children around for a mile

Cody was a fantastic dad
But he didn’t let the girl have a lad
Until the perfect boy came along
With a big brain and heart
Who would never hesitate to start
Serenading the girl with a song

So the girl and boy had a wedding
They kissed as the sun was setting
The boy’s mother wasn’t mad
A happy ending was felt for all
So they all danced for hours at the ball
In celebration of the girl and the lad

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