August 18, 2011
By laurieom SILVER, Cornelius, North Carolina
laurieom SILVER, Cornelius, North Carolina
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That's never really suited you, has it?
Looking at the sky.
You'd much rather be waiting for
some lightless lie.
So you gather all your pillows,
and close all of your blinds,
but the morning light's still glowing,
and now you're lagging far behind
all these escalator people,
with their heads up in the sun.
I'm staying with you, now,
I know I've had my fun.
The moon certainly is pretty, dear,
It's made for us to share,
But living in the nighttime makes
For such thick, black air.
I don't know how you do it, but
I guess I'll try my luck,
And if I end up sinking, darling,
Well then I'll just be stuck.

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