The Chains Of Decimation

August 15, 2011
There you stand on the horizon, alone and proud

Underneath the throne of gods, and blood stained clouds

They darken this land, with and endless shroud

Striking down from the heavens, black lightning, upon the misguided crowds

Behold the chains of your fate, your ending is nigh

Soul less and forgotten, wipe every tear you cry from your eye

Rapture for the wicked one, the crows flee from the sky

Fate has judged your resting place, stop it if you want to try

Your existence was a joke and we all laughed will you suffer for all time

Your days are soon left to fade away, while your abandoned, even by your mind

You slaughtered millions for sadistic nourishment, appealing every time

You are always responsible master, so what's the sense in trying to justify the crime?

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dancestar said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 3:57 pm
i thought it was very well written as well as sent a great meaning...i jst love the last line "You are always resposible master, so what's the sense in trying to justify the crime?" and i luv the imagery like "black lightning" great job...keep writing! and plz check out some of my work like "Girl Next Door" thanks!
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