For A Friend Of Mine

August 5, 2011
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A young girl sits alone in her dark shaded room,
Whispering quietly, “What am I to do?”
But in all this confusion of emotion and tears,
Only one question remains, “What am I doing here?”

But this lonely girl fills her whole world joy,
But her sight is blurred, for there was a boy
Who thought he could love her with all of his heart
But the girl had stopped him, before he could start.

She had her head up, up high in the clouds,
And forgot the boy whom she had let down.
He had forgiven her, now one of his friends,
She knew what was best, had her life ahead

All planned out without one missed seam,
She would hold her head high; embrace destiny
For the choice was hers to love or to lose,
The girl chose to love, not to look at her shoes.

She would seize the day, each one grander than most
To hold her head high, not hold her heart close
For its better to have lost at love, than never at all,
Learn to pick yourself up, after you fall.

But this girl was so sweet in the eyes of the boy,
She had lead him around, just like a toy.
But the boy didn’t mind, for years or a day,
He had laid eyes upon heaven and for her he did pray.

But the days come and go, the years quietly pass,
He has never told her, but has had the chance.
He just wanted to be there; her own solid rock
Her life has been fragile, held in a state of shock

Her life hasn’t gone the way she intended
Maybe not even close, it’s been broken and mended
But her eyes are ghosts in amongst themselves,
Can she not see her friends that she’s put on the shelves?

Finally he says to her, those three small little words
And she comes to her sense, she can see the girth
Of the entire story that sits before her, open at last
And what those small smiles meant, across the whole class.

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dancestar said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 4:04 pm
that was really cute..and i luv the happy ending :) it also had a beautiful message...gud job! keep up the gud work! and plz check out some of my work like "Girl Next Door" Thanks!
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