August 9, 2011
Marriage is this: a love first for God, strengthened by
A deep love for one another as you are bonded in Christ,
Revealing His love through word and action, as you try
Realizing His plan for your new lives together as one;
It is understanding your spouse, who they are within
As you embrace their strengths to overcome weakness,
Grow together in body and spirit and all there is herein
Entering into the phase of life God prepared for you both.
I’ll miss the cut knees and climbed trees of a time now passed
Simply taking it for granted; it came and went so fast;
Life is the ocean that we all travel across
Over the sea, God is the wind that guides our sails
Vehemently directing our lives in the direction of the cross,
Endless love, and eternal life, found only in Himself.

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