The Ballad of Narcissus

Oh how hot is the midday sun
Burning down on my brow
Oh I may die, with a heavy sigh
If I don’t find water now

So I have ventured into the wood
Where water trickles through
Where two streams meet, lilies bloom sweet
In a beautiful snow white hue

Down by the stream, the crystal stream
I lean down for a drink
But there is a creature, with lips of red
And with cheeks a light rose pink

With eyes of blue and hair of gold
And skin a glistening cream
Oh what can I do? For if my eyes tell true,
She is living inside the stream

Now I find, to my dismay
That this is not a holy dream
I reached for her face, and away she raced
And my hand just touched the stream

But when the water is safe and still,
I peer over the edge to see
After a while, her shining smile
Found its way back to me

I want to leave, but she cannot come
So here, here is where I will lie
If I must stay, until the day,
Next to this girl, I die.

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