Hyakki Yako

July 29, 2011
By dragonairmoonrace BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
dragonairmoonrace BRONZE, Palm Coast, Florida
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Dance dance in the night
The night parade is such a sight
Before the faceless clock strikes 12:00
Shut your doors and lock them tight
The night parade is coming
The players of the parade are shadows from the dark
They appear in the park and in the city
Waiting for their leader nurarihyon to join the party
nurarihyon is like a snake slipping in and out with ease a hearty character is he
He will walk into your house and drink your tea then leave without a sound only the furniture will know he was around
The demons line up around their leader as the round clock strikes 12:00
They walk in a long straight line as if bound by a rope the length of Japan
If the night is pleasing and the temp is just right
The parade will take to the sky and fly through the night like a kite
They march on through the sky what a sight for other yokai
who wish and want to join this famous parade of fright
But only yokai who have pledged their lives to nurarihyon may join this fun night.
nurarihyon is the leader of this parade a sly guy with a gourd shaped head
But beware this glorious parade because if seen you will be marked for dead
Because this night parade of a hundred demons will have your head

The author's comments:
Last year my English teach was telling us to write all these different poems and I wanted to do one based on my favorite yokai Nurarihyon.

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