August 3, 2011
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And all I could do
As I thought about you
Was think, “Wow what a shot to the chest”.

You told me over the phone,
“It’s too bad we are alone”
I could only stay and hope for the best.

But now you’re only in pictures
And in tears that I cried.
Thought I’d make a new start
In a place that you’d like.
I’m off to Seattle
A place where clouds are my friends.

You‘ve made your choices
And I have made mine
We’ll meet soon my love, in Seattle, in time.

Underneath a shimmering silence
There was a notion inside us
As you told me that we would be fine.

But I knew the truth
Maybe better than you
That we would soon part, my love

It does not take an author to read between your lines
Or a withered watchmaker to tell me it’s time
It’s a story I’ve penned a few times before,
The boy is lost in himself as the girl talks to the floor.

It was soon after we parted that I headed out West
After all that I thought, you did know best.
This I confessed to the Moon.

I hated saying goodbye for a reason like this
One day you might be gone, and I’d be amiss
A soul lost to the dunes.

A naked bulb hangs low overhead
As I write down all the stories you’ve said
Even strange walls remind me of you.

The pub radio sings of a Pisces who’s locked
Forever away in a dark wooden box
That’s painted a beautiful hue

I know my time will come
When all’s said and done.
I thought I would leave before you.

I would have packed up my things
And my little remains
On a river named Styx I would stay
And I thought I was gone
Even God proved me wrong
But you slowly took your hands away

For you I’ll see the man
With the magical hands
Whose stories seemed to narrate your life

But for better or worse
Those chords will still hurt
After you left on that hot August night.

Now I’ll pack up my bags and head for the lights
Of a friend whom I’ve never seen
I can still see your eyes before you started to cry
That he was the one place you wanted to be.

And if I followed you there
Would you even have cared?
For here was the place you called home.
I threw my bags on the train
And I whispered your name
And the sweet talks that we had on the phone.

You may have seen another day, another age
But in Seattle your heart will remain.

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BrittDawn This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 18, 2011 at 11:28 pm
haha, i found you :)
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