July 28, 2011
By Anonymous

Do you see me?
Do you understand who I am?
Do you believe me?
Believe me when I say I can’t?

I can’t move one more muscle
Not until you see me
I won’t try to hustle
For you to finally let it be

I feel invisible
Like no one knows me
Even if I get physical
And make myself bleed

Don’t try to ignore it
I’m not hiding
Please just see it
See what I feel I’m finding

Finding within myself
I have my demons
They will no longer sit on a shelf
They have manifested into crazy heathens

Why do you not see them?
Is it because you don’t understand me?
Understand what is lying within?
Within the child that you pretend me to be?

I am hurting inside
And I only ask for your help
Don’t just see the outside
And notice when I yelp

Or wince because the cuts burn
Mentally and physically
I only yearn
For you to understand fully

But because I am invisible
You do not see
Everything that is possible
Because it is hiding within me

Look deeper
Help me heal
Notice my exposure
And see that this is real

Don’t tell me I am ill
Or that it’s in my head
Because the feeling inside won’t stay still
And they make me feel dead

Do not let this go unnoticed
If you really love me you will care
And see that I am the hostess
To something that is making me feel no longer there

I refuse to be invisible
Because this is my reality
Know that insanity is possible
Because this is life in all actuality

I hurt
And now you see it
You hurt
Because now you too feel it

The demons game
There’s a possibility
That tomorrow you won’t feel the same

The author's comments:
i wrote this piece because a few of my close friends and i have recently been battling depression and our families do not see what it does to us. just because we look okay outside does not mean we are okay on the inside.

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