Dear Little Heart

May 4, 2011
By White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
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Dear little heart,
Everything’s going to be okay.

The rain will subside, and the clouds will separate
You will be invited to enter heaven’s gate
It’s your destiny, it’s your fate
Darkened heart, it’ll be okay.

Someone will hold you close, in his palm
And will sing to you, a beautiful song
It’s you that he’s waited for so long
Deafened heart, it’ll be okay.

All your worries will disappear
And you will be left with nothing to fear
Your life is shown with the presence of tears
But sensitive heart, it’ll be okay.

Little heart, you have lost the feeling of love
You’ve given your all to a wingless dove
Even though confidence, you fall short of
Self-conscious heart, it’ll be okay.

Just keep hoping, hold onto your dreams
And they’ll become reality, as crazy as it seems
Don’t push yourself to depression’s extremes
Hopeless heart, it’ll be okay.

Dear little heart,
Everything’s gonna be okay.

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