Ultimate Sacrifice

July 23, 2011
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I tell all who is willing to hear, a true story of a superhero. Silence, abnormal in a land so rugged by a so prolonged war. while in mid thought gun fire rings through the air. Soon the perfectly thought out mission is into play. Soldiers are sent scouring like fire ants from there demolished hill, into there places. All run to find cover, then return the favor the enemy has so friendly has given to them. Fellow soldiers all line in a row, prepare to fight back. Each prepared and knowingly ready to give the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect what they love and to keep it safe. Out of the merciless clutches of harm.Soon the row is broken. A fellow solider has fallen.He is loved by all he meets. He has a loving family, a wife, and three kids. A son 16, and two twin girls the prime age of 5. For them there father, a hero to them, shall they see no longer, for he has given the ultimate sacrifice to his country and his family. Although his presence is no longer, his memory shall forever linger. His children shall grow without him, but they will grow knowing who he was and what he did for his country and for them. This solider gave his life for what he loved the most; a price payed by the few and many. He gave a gift to each and every one of us. A life away from the merciless clutches of harm. To know him was a gift one should love and cherish. But knowing we were all given the gift of having no bombs being drop near our homes, to know we are safe in our own towns and cities,to know we have our freedoms, and to know that his life was taken, and that all he loved is safe, is one of the greatest things every one of us should cherish.We live through our lives, most of us take with out thinking, taking everything that we have i life for granted. Though some of us understand this, we know and grieve for all that have fallen. In the end some of us will join this fallen solider and give back to him what he once gave us. One day those of us like him may even join his fate, end up like a solider fighting for the same reasons, for what we love and to keep it out of the merciless clutches of harm. One day some us may even end up giving the ultimate sacrifice ourselves in return for what we were given and to keep what we love safe from harms way.

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