Life After You

July 14, 2011
By kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
kk10TM GOLD, Burlington, Kentucky
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Remember in the old days
When love was young and new
When I was all you needed
And all I wanted was you

Remember those nights spent driving
Along dark and deserted miles
Holding hands and falling in love
Soaking up the smiles

Remember all those times
When we whispered in the dark
About life, love, and the meaning of
"We'll never be apart"

Remember the little diamond ring
And the promise that we made
Though it's place was my right hand
You swore you'd put it on the left one day

Remember all those mornings
When you woke me with a kiss
We'd lay and talk for hours
Lost in a blind, determined bliss

Remember when you told me
I was all you'd ever need
No longer haunted by your demons
Through love, you'd been set free

Remember all these things
As you fall asleep alone
Remember me as you're kept awake
By the chances that you've blown

Remember how it once felt
To love and be loved back
And when you wake up lonely
Know it's my love that you lack

Remember dancing in the kitchen
As you now cook just for one
Replay all those songs we sang
As you relive what you've done

Remember sitting on the rooftop
Looking up at the sky
Every time you take a hit
Remember my goodbye

Remember me when you're with her
Because I cannot be replaced
You'll be overwhelmed by memories
That your heart cannot erase

Remember when you close your eyes
How mine shined so bright and blue
The first time you said "I love you"
And I said "I love you, too"

Remember where our love went wrong
And how we got so far off track
More importantly, remember
You'll never get it back

Remember all the moments
When you knew our love was true
Remember that I'm moving on
I'm loving life after you

The author's comments:
Just another broken heart!

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