Subtle Breakdown of the Mistake

July 17, 2011
By ForgettingTomorrow BRONZE, Salmon, Idaho
ForgettingTomorrow BRONZE, Salmon, Idaho
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Being happy doesn't mean you're perfect. It means you've learned to

The world is tumbling
decent growing more rapid
it seems the surface is cracking
and no one knows how it happened

I can feel the ground
it's slipping under my feet
as well as reality;
my emotions have turned to concrete

Can anyone see the bright side anymore?
Or is it just my shaded view?
I'm drowning in unspoken words
with no idea what to do

Please, take me far away
and release me from this doubt.
I've never seen Earth this dim before
my sanity is frolicking about

I'm alone here
destructed, obscure
while everyone else moves on
in a non-interested blur

They say move on
I say where is there to go?
They say life is easy
I say they don't know

Because what is easy anymore?
It's a struggle to even blink
optimism is difficult
I'm too weighed down to think

It's my fault, my fault you're gone
I ask for forgiveness
forgive and forget me
I've made a hot mess

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