Who am I?

July 4, 2011
By DolphinDozy PLATINUM, Payson, Utah (US), Utah
DolphinDozy PLATINUM, Payson, Utah (US), Utah
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One who struggles with depression
But wears a plastic smile
Feels heartbreak in succession
Hasn't trusted in a while.

Or am I joyful and carefree
Excel in school and strife
But when I'm at home can hid
And think of suicide

Or do I accept the lot I've got
The bullies and the torment
wishing love could be bought
Not always lye so dormant

Or could I be the lonely child
That's seen their parents split
Witnessed every pain
And felt the last hit

Who am I?

What about your new classmate?
The neighbor girl next door?
A rowdy boy you've said you hate?
The quiet girl unheard?
Could I be on student council?
The star of the football team?
Maybe you childhood sitter?
Or the woman that comes to clean?

Really, who am I?

Guess you'll never know for sure
It's hard to see who's hurting
Or know when to do more
So keep on the lookout
Be someone's saving grace
Take care of all you see,
Aid others through the race.

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