July 10, 2011
You say yes
I don't know
You say high
I say so

I see the fire
The fumes consume me
I start coughing
It's hard to see

The sugar is lined
Upon the table
I sniff and swallow
Like I see on cable

My vision is fuzzy
I see the rainbow
The people singing and laughing too
A girl is cawing like a crow

People are panicking
The girl starts to shake
The sirens blaring
The earth starts to quake

The soldiers are marching
The light takes my eyes
"Get him to the hospital"
I hear helpless cries

I look out the window
The dragons are flying
My head starts to fade
I feel like I'm dying

My heart beats faster
My head explodes
My limbs go numb
My thoughts erode

The soldiers carry me
Through the white castle
The beep beep beep
Is really a hastle

The air envelopes me
My eyes remain closed
My beating heart stops
Me shaking had slowed

The light shines on me
My mind is free
The drugs have been cleansed
The angels I see

I look back on my choices
My thoughts were all wrong
I couldn't believe
They were right all along

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