You've changed

July 5, 2011
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Before you pull that trigger
Remove that gun from my head
I know that you are mad at me
But I don’t need to wind up dead

You feel that I betrayed you
And left you in my dust
You think that I would lie to you
And have lost all your trust

You look at me and I see pain
You like to let me know
But tuck that dear old gun away
Please, just let me go

You don’t need to shoot an arrow
Through an already wounded heart
You don’t need to pull that trigger boy
Remove it, that’d be smart

Open your eyes and see the truth
The story I have told
Lies are not like they were before
Now that we’ve gotten old

Do not accuse me of lying
When you have done it too
I know the things you hid from me
Everything you used to do

I called you on it once or twice
And then I closed my eyes
I tried to look the other way
I tried and still I try

I didn’t leave you, just turned away
Due to your own accord
Do not look at me with blame
Your actions were not ignored

I didn’t tell a single soul
But they could see it too
That everything had change
Every part of you

Can you not see that you are not
Who you used to be
Ask anybody who ever knew you
They would agree with me

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