Lost and Burned

July 5, 2011
By Aubreylax PLATINUM, Pomfret Center, Connecticut
Aubreylax PLATINUM, Pomfret Center, Connecticut
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Give in to love, or live in fear

Unsure where to turn
My mind reals
To unlearn what I learned

Trust held my hand
But now I’m torn
Potentially ignored

The sun that shined
Has quickly set
So much transpired
I’ve much to forget

But heed the heart
Or set it loose
Which to do,
Which to choose?

Now, surrendered
Wild fire flies
Until in death it dies

Built to burn
To pass the fire
My throat burns
I still call you a liar

Silence, quiet hope
From the bushes burned
The fire dimming
Then spreading, winds unchurned

I myself pass the fire
The flames that char my soul
But who am I to act as water
In a fire out of control

We stand
A burnt and startled crew
Crying tears of ashed
Because we trusted in you

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