Black and White

June 20, 2011
By SarahShi SILVER, Manhattan, Kansas
SarahShi SILVER, Manhattan, Kansas
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Black and White

White walls suffocate her weak vessels,
As if only a row boat could sail her waveless blood.
Maybe her invisible hair can sprout,
this time, into a Black flower bud.

A grin cracks her porcelain face,
And I scavenge for a reason why
I’m so Black and she is so White
But I’m stronger, and I cry

White wall, White curtain, White bed, I leave
With fears never consumed before
A new treatment, I hear! Oh!
White objects blacken my mind once more

34 days after, a call
Rings news that rumbles like an earthquake
An aftershock that takes days to wear off
And White is the color that is quick to take

I take a walk through that winding path, down that gravel road
I’m like an ant on a trek for food
But I wonder, why search for something filling,
When appreciation can feed an empty mood

Black to White, it can’t be reversed
Count your blessings – it is essential before death.
Don’t wait! Don’t push it aside,
Do it now, before it is your last breath.

But I am too late.
She is already resting in –

The author's comments:
My grandmother died a few years back, and she was always in a bright mood even though she was suffering from breast cancer. She taught me how to take life and make it your fullest. Not only do you need to be thankful for what others have given you, but you should be thankful for what you have given yourself.

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